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Thermal Wellness Screenings: Get a Picture of Your Pet’s Wellness

How does my pet get screened?

Subtle changes in your pet’s movement are often imperceptible to the eye. Often pets hide pain until their disease state is progressed and needs more aggressive treatment.


Thermal screenings can provide valuable information that your veterinarian can’t get from observing your pet.


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Why should your pet get screened?

Fast, non-invasive thermal screenings give your veterinarian valuable information about your pet’s wellness that they can’t get any other way.


  • Quickly detect unseen pain

  • Treat hidden conditions earlier

  • Improved treatment outcomes

  • Keep your pet feeling great

How does thermal imaging work?

Thermal imaging measures radiated energy from your pet’s skin. Differences in radiated energy can indicate problems in your pet’s body.


Hotter areas depict increases in circulation and cooler areas show decreases in circulation.


These changes can assist your veterinarian in early detection and location of disease symptoms in your pet.

How does my pet get screened?


Your pet will stand in a comfortable position while your veterinarian quickly captures thermal images from different angles to visualize your pet’s entire body.


Image capture is quiet, making it a great wellness screening tool for pets with anxiety. No fur clipping is needed for accurate screening.


Thermal screenings help with early disease detection

During thermal screenings we focus on several areas of the body that often reveal early signs of disease:


  • Hips: Early detection of dysplasia prevents more costly intervention when the disease state is advanced.

  • Elbows: Conditions such as elbow arthritis benefit from early treatment and life-long management.

  • Back: Back pain is often missed and is a major contributor to quality of life and referred pain to other body parts.


What can we see under the skin?
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