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"Olga came out yesterday and gave all our horses a very thorough check over and massage, she identified a few things we need to work on and gave us lots of great advice. I would highly recommend Olga and her services, looking forward to working with her going forward."

"Very thorough examination followed by treatment by laser which Roman found very relaxing. Olga gave me exercises to do between treatments which are easy to do to increase the benefit of the laser treatment. Very friendly and great with the dogs"

"Highly recommend Olga, very good with all the horses individual needs, Good advice and aftercare we can carry on with"

"Health of our Equines" - Massage workshop
Dec 5th 2019 at Muirfield Riding Therapy

"I was at your clinic tonight, at Muirfield RIding Therapy, I call it Rda  I have been 
there for twenty nine years . Your clinic was excellent and very interesting , and  I learnt a lot. The stretching  technique was, brilliant. And very easy to do. Thank you very much for teaching us your technique  for our horses"

"Very informative and interesting session. The presentation was an excellent foundation for the practical demonstration and interactive part of the evening. Olga gave great feedback and detailed descriptions of the massage techniques and reasons for doing them"

"Very interesting and informative. Really benefitted from the practical demonstrations and subsequent practice. Great !!"

"Very good, everything was very clear and easy to follow"

 "Very interesting and very helpful and learnt a lot"

 "Excellent delivery of subject working with the ponies seeing their reactions was amazing. One of the best workshops we have had at MRT"

Winter Doggyfest
Nov 17th at Stobswell Forum, Dundee

"Thank you for all the advise you gave me today on how to help my dog Luna (whippet with broken femur and neurological damage). 

We have already implemented some of the exercises you recommended."

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