Horse Massage
Roman treatment
Ozzie Osteoarthritis

Indie - Warmblood

"Olga came out yesterday and gave all our horses a very thorough check over and massage, she identified a few things we need to work on and gave us lots of great advice. I would highly recommend Olga and her services, looking forward to working with her going forward."

Roman - Spaniel

"Very thorough examination followed by treatment by laser which Roman found very relaxing. Olga gave me exercises to do between treatments which are easy to do to increase the benefit of the laser treatment. Very friendly and great with the dogs"

Ozzie - Golden Doodle

"Olga has been great. We have a 13yr old Golden Doodle with osteoarthritis. He is responding well to his treatments and will benefit a great deal in his old age with having Olga on board. Thank you so much for helping us."

Horse massage

"Highly recommend Olga, very good with all the horses individual needs, Good advice and aftercare we can carry on with"

"Health of our Equines" - Massage workshop
Muirfield Riding Therapy

Horse treatment

"Very informative and interesting session. The presentation was an excellent foundation for the practical demonstration and interactive part of the evening. Olga gave great feedback and detailed descriptions of the massage techniques and reasons for doing them"

"I was at your clinic tonight, at Muirfield RIding Therapy, I call it Rda  I have been there for twenty nine years . Your clinic was excellent and very interesting , and  I learnt a lot. The stretching technique was brilliant. And very easy to do. Thank you very much for teaching us your technique  for our horses"

"Very interesting and informative. Really benefitted from the practical demonstrations and subsequent practice. Great !!"

"Excellent delivery of subject working with the ponies seeing their reactions was amazing. One of the best workshops we have had at MRT"

"Winter Doggyfest" - Stobswell Forum, Dundee


"Thank you for all the advice you gave me today on how to help my dog Luna (whippet with a broken femur and neurological damage). 
We have already implemented some of the exercises you recommended"

Feedback on Post Operative Physiotherapy Straight after Cranial Cruciate Ligament Rupture in Dogs

Zara Retriever

Zara - Golden Retriever

"Very professional, knowledgeable and shows great empathy towards the dog and owner"

Kai German Shepherd

Kai - German Shepherd

"Very competent, very friendly and informative. Explained everything to us. Went over everything until we were confident with what we had to do. Great with Kai who doesn't always take to strangers ! Really pleased with the progress Kai has made so far - we didn't expect him to be this far on at this stage of his recovery"

Effee Labrador

Effee - Labrador

"Very competent, very approachable and willing to go through exercise again to make sure I knew what I was doing. Effee enjoys coming to Physio

Marli Border Collie

Marli - Border Collie

"I would highly recommend Stay on Track Vet Physiotherapy, my 8-year-old Border Collie is recovering far more quickly from a cruciate ligament operation than I ever expected, five weeks post op and she (the dog) barely walks with a limp any more. Olga is friendly and kind and extremely professional and has created a bond with me and my dog so much so that we trust her implicitly. Thank you for all your help and guidance"

Jonte German Shorthaired Pointer

Jonte - German Shorthaired Pointer

"Certainly recommend! Olga's been super with my dog. Most experienced and kind / understanding / patient with and has also continuously assessed too and kept me right as he was doing so well in recovery wanted to do more"

Beryl Labrador

Beryl - Labrador

"Olga is a very competent and attentive practitioner, was always on hand for questions and always gave clear explanations and instructions for Beryl's continued physiotherapy. I am very happy with the progress Beryl has made since her surgery"

Kali Labrador

Kali -Labrador

"Olga gave clear instructions and was always contactable to answer any questions "

Mac Jack Russell

Mac-Jack Russell Terrier

"I was really happy with Olga's knowledge off all things to do with the treatment. She is friendly and Mac loves her (even if he did have a bite at her on their first meeting !)"

ben Labrador

Ben - Labrador


We both feel Olga was very competent and gave us good advice and guidance in Ben’s care during his recovery after his cruciate operation. His other cruciate operation last year, we were advised to keep him in a cage and rest for a few weeks, but with Olga, she didn’t have him in a cage, exercising and up and about, in the garden quite quickly. He was so much happier and this enabled him to recover quicker, in our opinion. To us, she has helped us, and Ben so much, and can’t thank her enough. The exercises were so easy to follow - at first Ben struggled to do a couple of them, but she was very patient and he managed them and she put him at ease. 

Thank you, thank you so much

Jake Cockapoodle

Jake - Cockapoodle

Olga is very committed and did an excellent job with Jake. She is always very willing to give advice and assist where possible. 

Oscar Cockapoodle

Oscar - Cockapoodle - Femoral Head Ostectomy (FHO), Early Intensive Post-surgery rehabilitation

Olga has been fabulous with the rehab of Oscar. She gave us the confidence to do his physio knowing we were doing it correctly and helping his recovery. Always friendly and so easy to work with ! Wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her to anyone  

Pip Greyhound

Pip - Greyhound - Achilles tendinitis, Vet Physio treatment

Olga treated Pip several times before the lockdown took place and provided me with a detailed program of daily heat/cold/exercise/massage to do at home. Olga also lent me her equipment and gave me FaceTime tuition on how to use it so Pip’s treatment could continue during the lockdown. This was extremely kind of her and I am very grateful.


I just wanted to let you know that the results of the ultrasound are fantastic! Pip is now back to being himself and weight-bearing on the leg all the time which he hadn’t been doing for some time and is no longer in pain or discomfort. No more anti-inflammatory tablets either. 


I would recommend her to anyone with a similar problem

Memo Whippet

Memo - Whippet -Hydrated nucleus pulposus extrusion (HNPE), Early Intensive Physiotherapy treatment

Our Memo had intervertebral disc extrusion and his back limbs were totally paralysed. Stay on Track helped us from the beginning with great care and advice and we got him back “on track”

Stay on Track provided us different exercises and treatment with a clear plan every session. They reviewed the progress and adjusted the plan accordingly. They also trained us on what we could do at home to help our pet recover.

I would definitely recommend Stay on Track. Not only are they expert at what they do, they have great compassion and love for pets which helped too. 

Vet Physiotherapy services are vital. It is important that they are offered facilities and necessary recognition. 



Carlos owner contacted me 10 weeks after his right knee patella luxation surgery and asked if Stay on Track could help with right hind limb lameness and muscle wastage. After Carlos was assessed, we created a specific designed exercise programme that was targetting Carlos needs. 4 weeks after Carlos showed a huge improvement and a full recovery.

Thank you to the owner for hard work and determination!


Holly the Collie

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