Abductor/adductor of hind limb exercise


Advice on why you should avoid walking your dog on gritted roads

Achilles Tendonitis of left hind. Gait assessment before and after Vet Physio Treatment

Day of Discharge after TTA surgery Male, Labrador, 9y.9m

Gait assessment 2 weeks after TTA surgery on Right Hind with early vet physiotherapy treatment

Gait assessment in Osteoarthritic male before Electrotherapy treatment

Osteoarthritic male after 6 weeks of Electrotherapy treatment

Fibrocartilaginous Embolism (FCE) in C6/7 section of the spine rehabilitation with physiotherapy

2-year-old Male diagnosed with Hydrated Nucleus Pulposus Extrusion (HNPE) in his spine (T11/12) two weeks after  intensive vet physio treatment

"O&J Therapeutic ladder" exercises for canine

"O&J Therapeutic ladder" designed to improve balance, posture, and proprioceptive awareness together with rebuilding and maintaining muscle and bone strength in developing young dogs or dogs with osteoarthritis. 

Use of paw anti-drag device to improve paw placement - neurological case study

Vet Physiotherapy exercise designed to improve paw placement and rear hind end muscle strength.

Follow up on Memo, 2 weeks after using paw anti-dragging device on RH limb - neurological case study

2 years old male before and after implementing physio exercise programme targeting lameness and muscle wastage 10 weeks post patella luxation surgery. 4 weeks after exercising, Carlos showed a huge improvement and a full recovery.


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